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  • What comes in the rooms?
    All four studios are fully equipped. They come with a drum kit equipped with hardware and cymbals, three guitar amps (at least one half stack), one bass rig, a powered mixer, and four vocal microphones. Your drummer does not need to bring cymbals, a snare, or a kick pedal! We've got you covered.
  • Where do we load in?
    In general, you'll load in through the front door. For larger items, check in with staff in the lobby so they can open the side door. The side door is otherwise off-limits and is used as a fire exit. Pro tip: If you have to make multiple trips, any items being left behind should be stored safely in your vehicle until you retrieve them. Do not leave any belongings outside of the safety of your vehicle for any length of time.
  • What if we forget a cable, etc.?
    No worries here! Just ask staff. Here's some of the items we keep in the office. Most are free to borrow but we do have some items for purchase or rent. In the warehouse, you'll find music stands, guitar stands, chairs, and stools that are up for grabs. MISC. XLR cable Extension cord Power strip Earplugs Headphones DI box Power cables Adapters Batteries Tables Keyboard (for rent) Keyboard stand (single or 2 tier) GUITAR & BASS Instrument cable Guitar strap Capo Tuner Picks Guitar (for rent) Bass guitar (for rent) DRUMS Drum key Drum gels Drum sticks Cymbal stands Double bass pedal
  • What keyboards are available to rent?
    We have two keyboards available, nearly identical in features and abilities. Both cost $20 to rent. They are either connected directly to the powered mixer or to a keyboard amp. Casio CDP-130 Casio CDP-S160
  • Can we smoke in the rooms?
    Nope. Do it outside. Thanks!
  • How much time do we have to load in and set up?
    You will have access to the studio at the start time of your booking. We do not guarantee set up or tear down time. We do not use buffers between bookings. If your drummer takes a long time to set up, for example, you'll need to book extra time. Works just like a hotel. There's a check-in time and a check-out time. We do our best to be accommodating when we can.
  • Can you help me set up my in-ears? Can you run our sound?
    Please come prepared to set up your own equipment. We're pros at our own gear, but not at yours. If you're not sure if your in-ears are compatible with our mixer, check out the hourly studio pages on our website for information on the mixers in each room. Renting our rooms means exactly that, you're renting the room and what comes in it. Beyond that, you will be handling your own sound. Our staff will have the room set up for you when you arrive. The vocal mics will be tuned. We can help show you how to add vocal effects, connect your auxiliary device, and troubleshoot any issues.
  • What is the minimum number of hours I can book? Can I just book one hour?
    We have a 2-hour minimum. If you're booking a couple hours before you plan to arrive, we may be able to do one hour. If you're a solo musician, usually one hour is ok depending on the time of the day. Basically it depends on what your needs are and when you're booking. Evenings have a strict 2-hour minimum.
  • Can we record in your studios?
    It's not recommended. The rooms were built for the purposes of rehearsal, not recording. There is some sound bleed. We've had clients record in our studios before but they usually book all the rooms to ensure there is no other band playing simultaneously. Want the place to yourself? Call the studio to check availability: (310) 836-8998.
  • Are the rooms clean?
    We do a great job at weekly deep cleans of the floors, surfaces, microphones, and rugs while maintaining the rooms on a daily basis. In between each band, staff uses disinfectant wipes to clean all microphones. Natural air fresheners, daily ventilation, and routine cleaning of the air conditioning units keep the rooms feeling comfortable and smelling fresh. The restroom onsite is bleached and sanitized a few times a day. We pride ourselves in a clean studio and our staff works hard to keep it that way. If you have any concerns about the cleanliness of our studios or studios in general, reach out. We're happy to walk you through it and go the extra mile to ensure you and your bandmates are comfortable rehearsing with us.
  • How much are monthly lockouts?
    Monthly lockout studios are priced according to size and facility location. Lockouts in West LA will cost a bit more than lockouts in the South Bay area. On average, a medium-sized room (186-290 SQFT) ranges from $700 - $1000 monthly. We have a select few smaller drum rooms (≤ 120 SQFT) that range from $400 - $600 monthly. Once a monthly studio opens up, we can provide exact information regarding pricing and size for that specific unit.
  • What lockouts are available right now?
    We do our best to maintain updated information on our website with current or upcoming availability at: You can leave a message with our lockout office at: (310) 836-8139 or email us for a quicker response: Let us know your name, phone number, budget/needs, and desired location to be added to our waitlist.
  • How often do lockouts become available?
    It's pretty random! We mostly run at 100% occupancy. When a current renter turns in a notice to vacate, we refer to our waitlist to notify any prospective musicians. We built less drum rooms than bands rooms so those are a little more rare.
  • Are your studios soundproof?
    Our lockout studios are intended for the purpose of rehearsal and writing, equipment storage, and other creative ventures. They are not advertised as production lockouts. However, the majority of our renters do use their lockouts for production and recording. They are responsible for whatever additional acoustic treatments are necessary for the sound they are looking for. You will find that everyone has their own schedule; everyone plays at different times which means there are quieter times that are better suited for production purposes. For example, if a 5-piece band is playing loudly in the room next door, though minimal, you may hear some sound bleed. But that same neighbor may not play but a couple nights a week. You'll find your groove!
  • What are the hours of operation for lockout facilities?
    You will have 24-hour access to the facility and your unit.
  • What are the terms and requirements for renting a lockout?
    The minimum lease term is 90 days then the agreement transitions to month-to-month. We require a security deposit equal to the monthly rent.
  • How much is the warehouse space for private events?
    The hourly rate for private events in the warehouse depends on the number of guests and type of event. Hourly rates range from $125 per hour up to $200 per hour. Call the studio at: (310) 836-8998 or email us at: for a tailored quote.
  • What kind of events do you book at the warehouse?
    We do everything from baby showers, birthday parties, to music videos and film shoots. If you're looking for a space for your next showcase, recital, or large ensemble rehearsal, you've found it!
  • What comes with event bookings?
    Tables, chairs, ice buckets, a professional sound system, microphones, parking, and one onsite staff member will be included. Backline rentals are available!


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